About Us

Our Founder: Maricruz Castro

Maricruz began working as an independent contractor for a residential housecleaning agency in 2001. Maricruz Castro created Castro's Housekeeping in January 2002 to find and maintain customers on her own in order to increase her personal income. I enjoyed when customers called me to thank me for the transformation that I was able to do to their homes - giving them the peace of mind, relaxation and happiness. I believe that housecleaning is an art form. I was not only cleaning, but entering a cherished living space to beautify and change the energy of the home.

In 2009 she decided to expand my business and teach my employees to deliver same quality and consistency just I was doing it. She credits Women’s Initiative and several housecleaning programs helping her understand the financial aspects of running a business. Receiving an “Entrepreneurial Spirit Award in 2012”

As I mother and entrepreneur I know firsthand how difficult it is to manage of household chores, family responsibilities and focus on a successful in your career of the same time. I also know how difficult is to find a trustworthy company that provides quality, professional housecleaning services


Majestic Maids Mission is provide consistence quality to our customers in housecleaning service while providing a secure constructive work environment for our employees